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Quotes on Narcissism & The Narcissistic Personality Disorder

"In reality, the narcissist loves not anyone, not even himself, but rather falls in love with the 'impression' he makes upon others, and falsely feels love toward those who are most in awe of this 'impression'. Should the object of his love suddenly see through his fake image and find fault or flaw in his 'real' self, he will become outraged and full of disdain, disrespect, and an intense and contemptuous dislike and despite for that person. In a heartbeat his love for that person will become replaced with a loathsome disgust. His real self has been discovered and revealed." EXCERPTED FROM 'NARCISSISTS ARE LONELY'

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Quotes, Quotations & Sayings

Articles by Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru and brought to you by The Counterfeit Heart: Living With, Loving and Leaving the Narcissistic Man

"Whether with a narcissist a week, a month, a year, a decade, or a half of a century, one thing is for day you will wake up to the revelation that it was all just a figment of your imagination." ~Tigress Luv

"Narcissism is an evil that masquerades as good. Like a Pied Piper this master illusionist can lead you to Hell all while making you feel flattered to be chosen to go there. Only when you wake up in Hell do you realize the real evil that existed in his fluted song. By then it's too late; not only have you fallen victim, but most likely you have paid for the flute, as well." ~Tigress Luv

"Some people moan during sexual intimacy; some people scream; others are silent. Then there is the abusive wacko that bursts out laughing. Kind of makes one wonder, 'what's so damned funny?'" ~ Tigress Luv

"The narcissist inflicts pain and abuse on others. He devalues sources of supply, callously and off-handedly abandons them, and discards people, places, partnerships, and friendships unhesitatingly. Some narcissists - though by no means the majority - actually ENJOY abusing, taunting, tormenting, and freakishly controlling others ("gaslighting"). But most of them do these things absentmindedly, automatically, and, often, even without good reason." ~ Sam Vaknin

"The narcissist devours people, consumes their output, and casts the empty, writhing shells aside." - Sam Vaknin

"Living with a narcissist is the loneliest screw you'll ever have. Once the initial false 'Image of a Man' disappears, you're left with a man that you do and do and do for, but who is never there for you in return. This is a man with a counterfeit heart; past his initial charm the man is an empty fake." ~ Tigress Luv

“Women know how to fake orgasm. Men know how to
fake an entire relationship.” ~ Sharon Stone

"A narcissist can't be faithful. This is because - to a narcissist - 'you' don't exist except as a mirror. When he looks at you, all he sees is his own reflection. Distort this reflection and he will go find another mirror. It's as simple, or as complicated, as that." ~ Tigress Luv

"Pity the poor narcissist. I mean, seriously, who really wants to always be on the 'fake'?" ~Tigress Luv

"When you meet a person who is ten times more better looking then you think they are, who is hundred times more successful then you think they are, and who is a thousand times more loved then you think they are, then that person is a narcissist. Not even a god could live up to the narcissist's 'needed' self-image." ~Tigress Luv

"Looking out to sea and what do you see? Oh, it's only me, "Hello?", instead of thinking it's only you. There's plenty of fish out in the sea so you ain't the only one I see." ~ Chelsea Renee

"I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you." ~ unknown

"You are like the sun on a really hot day when everyone goes inside to play." ~Chelsea Renee

"Denial is the way we handle what we cannot handle." ~Anonymous

"I do not exist to build your ego with my pain. My tears are not there to cleanse your soul. I now know that without you I am complete and whole!" ~ Roy McWilliams

"The silent treatment is a method people use to 'murder' someone without leaving a visible corpse behind." ~ Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

"It's amazing how a narcissist can be such a 'man of the people' in public and such a bigoted prick in private!" ~ The ex of a narcissist

"If you breakup with a narcissist be assured that he will have a replacement for you in a blink of an eye. Also rest assured that he will ceremoniously flaunt her in front of you. Little does his ego know that you are not saddened by this, but rather feel pity for his newest victim." ~Tigress Luv

"The narcissist's love-cup has a hole in the bottom; no matter how much love you pour into it it seeps right back out. If you truly want to make him feel fulfilled, simply hate him. You can easily fill his hate-cup, as it has no holes in it - giving it the capacity to hold anything and everything negative that has ever been placed inside it." ~Tigress Luv

"If you want to go from being adored to devalued in the blink of an eye simply insult the narcissist." ~Tigress Luv

"The narcissist is a man or a woman who has not the ability to give themselves the right to be wrong." ~Tigress Luv

"If you are seeking advice on recovering from the narcissist in your life, know that it means that he or she is winning. The more you hold on to the pain, the more you validate his ability to cause it." ~Tigress Luv

"Narcissists enjoy your pain. The more you show the narcissist your tears the more grandiose they will feel. If you really want to make the narcissist feel all powerful, simply let him break you." ~Tigress Luv

"The narcissist lives in his own, self-created parallel universe. In this world he is the Almighty Gatekeeper. To the unsuspecting and trusting, the narcissist can expertly charm them into this kingdom only to dethrone them in the blink of an eye, stripping them of their souls and casting their left-over, bleached bones to the demons of his hell. Tread lightly in his world as this feeding fuels his power and satisfies his ego-hungry cravings; the narcissist's ego is never satiated." ~Tigress Luv

"A man who walks out on his responsibilities and dumps his bills on another can not then claim that the other person 'ruined' his name, no more than parking your car in your neighbor's garage qualifies your neighbor for charges of grand theft auto." ~ Tigress Luv

"Are a man's lies merely an indication of his own twisted reality, or does he consciously know he is lying when he sets out to make himself look like the perfect, innocent and injured party?" ~ Tigress Luv

"A man who claims all his exes are 'psycho' should ask himself why he lived off of them for years and years and years and years. Wasn't he afraid of being slashed in his sleep by these 'demented' women?" ~ Tigress Luv

"Ironically, if the narcissist sees that you don't love him anymore he will then be intent on making you hate him. Either way, he will feel powerful in his complete control over you. The one thing that narcissists can't stand is apathy - towards him." ~Tigress Luv

"Forget the food, the way to a narcissist's heart is with your tears; narcissist feed on your pain." ~Tigress Luv

"The new person in their life may think they are 'special' but just give them a few months...they will soon understand exactly where you are coming from. But, of course, let the narcissist know this and he will go out of his way to prove you wrong. Either way, her castle is about to crumble; the narcissist will not be able to keep up the facade for too long. In the meantime, let her gloat..." ~ Tigress Luv

By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru ( and the ex of a narcissist! :) )


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