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The Narcissist Underneath

by Tigress Luv on May.25, 2012, under Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Fantasy love. Anybody who has watched ‘Red Riding Hood’ (Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman, [2011]) or any of the ‘Twilight’ movies understand this concept. In a sense, they’re fairy tales with a brand new twist; not everything that is good and pure and right has a fairy tale ending:
Sometimes love exists in a different realm…
Sometimes a deep, devoted love exists where it should not…
Sometimes the lure of ‘forbidden’ love does overshadow unconditionally, and…
Sometimes human nature doesn’t always have the wisest intentions when it comes to who people are romantically drawn to.
In both sagas the human victim has emotional wounds, and the outcast (vampire/werewolf) loves them unconditionally, wounds and all, and hints at the promise to take them away from their mortal, wounded lives.
Although the basis of these movies are that of an enduring, romantic love, they also show us that a love built on unhealthy obsessions can, in fact, be tragedies that imitate real love. The fairy tale of a forbidden and unconditional love lures us in with a ‘false sense of security’ – one that beguiles us but leaves us without independent feelings. In a sense, it imprisons us in a netherworld where we are subjugated into living a life of lies and untruths. Whether it is a werewolf or a vampire, once you are bitten you give up all that is good and serene, and live a life of unrest and discord.
People with emotional wounds may subconsciously seek the vampire or the werewolf (individuals who are strong and have strong personalities; are likable, charming, intelligent, and confident) because they feel most secure with them. They see these types of people as their ‘savior’. Unfortunately, these traits are all too commonly displayed by many psychopaths and narcissists … ‘love predators’ who know exactly how to shape-shift their emotions and personalities to draw you in.

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